Tory lack of interest in human rights

It was appalling, last night, to listen to a poor Tory MP, so upset that his financial interest in a prisons contract has been foiled by the UK withdrawing from its bid on the Saudi contract……. And when interviewed and challenged on UK voting for Saudi to be given not just a place on the UN Human Rights Tribunal but the CHAIR of the body, all he could come up with was the financial damage that would be done to UK interests abroad, if we objected, as an excuse……. When challenged, as Chair of a Commons Select Committee, on Saudi’s export of extreme Wahhabi Muslim beliefs, it became an excuse for him to drone on about ISIL, deflecting the real issue completely……
Saudi’s human rights record is appalling, their lack of interest in equality is shameful and their punishments, barbaric, by any civilised standard of jurisprudence and behaviour……. There are countries in this world, like Saudi, Israel and nations in Africa, where we should internationally, take a stand, as we did with the apartheid regime in South Africa, where it eventually led to change, restoring rights. Promoting apartheid in Israel should be as unacceptable as the practice of executing individuals simply for being homosexuals, in Iran or stoning or burning “witches”, in central Africa, all horrific practices which continue in some of these countries even today….. I accept that proper, successful change in this area takes decades rather than years but we need to start somewhere, if we really believe in simple human rights, rather than just presenting a veneer of pretence….. And sadly, there is little evidence of any positive action being led by the UK’s Tory Government on these important issues….. preferring instead to be wooed by £ signs of contracts and export deals…… The recent issue over a seventy four year old imprisoned in Saudi, now two months beyond his original twelve month sentence serves to highlight. Apparently this three time cancer survivor is set to receive over two hundred lashes on his release, a punishment he is not expected to survive……..the crime? Stopped by police and found with bootlegged alcohol in his vehicle….! (Deportation would be much more appropriate for Westerners who offend) and David Cameron has only now just got involved at the behest of the family in the UK, writing to Saudi authorities for an explanation of the unexplained continued detention.

Its an example of a complete lack of interest, internationally, in human rights, unless of course money is involved……. or votes on Europe!

The Tories moral compass, if they ever had one, was lost a long, long time ago….

Jeremy Corbyn… saint or sinner?

A few articles have been written in recent days, it seems, by those who raise a question mark over Corbyn’s bona fides in relation to child abuse allegations reported to him over twenty years ago…..
The critical question for readers attempting to make their minds up, centres on two key points…… Firstly, the evidence to support the allegations and their origins…..and secondly, the motives of those casting the claims up as headline news….
We hear about the council child protection staff who went to their MP, to raise serious concerns, nay allegations about the extent of abuse ongoing in care homes……and Corbyn’s response, which the Mail suggests was….. to do nothing…… How do they know? Well it’s simple…. It trawled its archives and found nothing……. q.e.d.
One might be forgiven for asking about the motives supporting this “allegation”…… Or indeed for even considering, in the context of the day, what should have been done by those making the allegations?…. No mention of reporting to the police, as you might rightly expect?….. None…… And as a former Child Protection Co-coordinator, I find that very puzzling indeed………!
It strikes me, that one scenario I can envisage places Corbyn in the firing line, with full culpability, for not taking his responsibilities seriously and addressing these concerns to the police and with senior Council officials in the borough in question……. If found to be true, then it calls into doubt his credibility and seriously damages his prospects of winning the Labour Leadership election….
However, I also see the potential for another scenario, where those opposing Corbyn (and I don’t mean nice men who enjoy a game of sports manly cricket) have trawled around for half truths and set them in a context which ignites public anger, deliberately confusing what was known then, with what is suspected or alleged now…..and conveniently arrived at an outcome where a damaging story is in danger of toppling the only left-wing hope that Labour has for success……. Who gains?…….not difficult to see….

I can’t say I know Corbyn. Nor have I ever met him. I do know what he represents to the right wing of the Labour Party – a party I should add, which once enjoyed my support…..
On this particular Corbyn issue, my jury is still out but I confess I do favour the second option……. Dirty tricks and politics are comfortable bedfellows….as we’ve seen time and again in the Independence Referendum and the subsequent General Election…… when the boundaries between the Labour, LibDem and Conservative Parties on the issues that matter became dangerously blurred…..

When the establishment senses its in trouble, all bets are off!……